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5614 The Good Wizard is a small Castle (2007) impulse set released in 2008. The set contains a table with a globe, a stand, a white owl, and the Good Wizard.


The Good Wizard's table has a dark grey 2x2 round piece on which connects the table top, a light grey 4x4x1/3 round piece. In the center of the 4x4x1/3 round piece is a blue 2x2x1/3 round piece. A transparent yellow crystal is embedded in the axle hole. The crystal is then mostly hidden by the transparent white globe.

The perch for the owl is built out of four pieces. The base of it is a brown 2x2x1/3 plate. In the center of the plate are two brown cylinder pieces stacked up on each other. The perch is finished of by a 1x3x1/3 plate. This is connect on by the middle onto the brown cylinder pieces. The purpose of the perch is a place for the owl to rest.

The set includes one minifigure: the Good Wizard with a brown staff.

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Add magic to your kingdom!
LEGO® Castle just got more magical! The Good Wizard is here to cast spells with his crystal ball, magic staff and wise owl friend. Includes wizard minifigure with magic staff, crystal ball and owl!

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