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U.S. Coast Guard Station is a LEGOLAND set released in 1977. The set can be comprised into two different models.


Main Model

The set includes a large Coast Guard area with a helipad, watch tower, and docks. Several vehicles include a white helicopter and two white boats which feature open cockpits. Five minifigures are included as well.

The set is built on a blue 24 x 40 baseplate. This plate was only featured in one other set, The Rig and Tanker set released in the same year.

The red watch tower is two levels in height, while the width of the top level is longer than the bottom. On the roof are smaller satellite and radio towers for tracking. A yellow ladder can also be found leaning on the left side of the tower.

The black docks are bordered by yellow 1 x 4 fences. A few details worth noting include an American Flag and a helipad at the end. This pad has a white square in the center for the helicopter to land on.

Alternate Model

The alternate model features the same figures and parts as the previous. However, the similar station is shorter in height, and features two boats (One being a tanker) and a smaller station.

The black dock only has the yellow fencing on the back. In the corner of the blue baseplate this model is built on is a tall buoy.

The ship is the longest vehicle included in either model. It consists of black, yellow, and red parts. At the front is a large antenna. The other ship, the speedboat, is mostly red with a black motor.



Minifigures Included

Coast GuardCoast GuardCoast GuardBoat PilotHelicopter Pilot

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