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Soccer Mania
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Video Games

Elements from: Castle, Space, Adventurers, Pirates, Arctic


Silicon Dreams
Tiertex Design Studios (GBA)


Electronic Arts
LEGO Interactive

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PC, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance

5784 Soccer Mania (also known as Football Mania in Europe) is a Video Game released in 2002, and is based on the Soccer theme from Sports. In this game, you can practice your shooting or have a tournament against other teams around the world. There are five game modes: Quick Start, Exhibition, Story Mode, LEGO Cup Mode, and the Skill Zones. This game was re-released in 2007.


Game Modes

  • Quick start: Play the game without having to go through the challenges, or setting up a game.
  • Exhibition: Set up a match to play, selecting a team for you to control and a team to go up against.
  • LEGO Cup Mode: Compete for the LEGO Cup by using this mode, this is an international event, so you will have the chance to play for one of many countries.
  • Skill Zone: A great place to test your soccer skills or improve them, there are several tasks that the team must undergo, after completing each one, you will unlock a new player for your squad.


The story starts off with your team trying to win the LEGO cup by beating six other teams. After you do this, the Brickster steals the trophy. After a long journey of fighting teams from various themes to catch him, you find that you have to chase him to Mars. After acquiring enough pieces for a spaceship, you finally reach Mars. After the defeating Brickster Bots, the Brickster assembles the best team from the whole LEGO universe then you soon battle the Intergalactic team and the Brickster on Mars, defeating him, and it is apparent that he escapes; however, the trophy is still yours.


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Play the craziest LEGO soccer/football matches ever!

It's soccer/football like you've never seen it before in the all-new Soccer/Football Mania! Build the team you want from over 150 different players, from pirates to knights to Arctic explorers! Practice your shots in the Skill Zone and then you're ready for the big game. Play by yourself or challenge a friend!


Lego Soccer Mania

Lego Soccer Mania

Intro to the game.

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