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5865 Mini Dumper is a Creator set. It was officially released in 2010, although the set was released early in December 2009. The set includes 60 pieces, and can be built into a Mini Dump Truck, a Mini Race Car, and a Mini Off-Roader. It is recommended for children aged 6 through to 12.


The set includes 60 pieces, mainly in Green and White, which are used to build the main model, a small dump truck, and two alternative models. The alternative models are a small race car and a mini off-roader. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Build the mightiest little trucks on the road!

Haul, race, or go off-road with this creative construction set! Includes instructions to build one of three awesome mini-vehicles: a dump truck, a race car, and an off-roader. Comes in a portable and reusable can to let you take your trucks with you everywhere you go!

  • Ready, set, build a mini-dump truck, mini-race car or mini-off-roader!
  • Clean-up time? Put set away in the sturdy storage can!
  • Ages 6+




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