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5867 Super Speedster is a Creator set released in 2010. It contains 278 pieces and building instructions to assemble three different models, including a bright red sports car, a 4WD and a go-cart. The main model of the set, the sports car, is mainly coloured bright red and has both opening hood and doors, all making it look similar to 6743 Street Speeder. It's recommended for children aged 7 through to 12. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Hit the road in speedy 3-in-1 style!

Speed down winding roads with this detailed red sports car, featuring opening doors, front trunk and rear engine. When you're ready for a change, use the included instructions to rebuild it into a high-speed go-cart or a tough armored car! An awesome 3-in-1 building experience. Open the doors, trunk and engine compartment! Build a racy red sports car, then transform into a go-cart or armored car!




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