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5892 Sonic Boom is a Creator set released in 2010. Included are instructions and parts to build a large red-and-white jet and two other models: a dual-propeller plane and a speedboat.


The set includes 539 pieces, mainly in Red and White, which are used to build the set's main model, a large jet, as well as two secondary models, a dual-propeller airplane, and a speedboat.

The Jet

The jet is the main model of the set, as well as the largest model, at over 15" long and 13" wide, and has movable tailplanes and wing flaps, and an opening cockpit canopy. The jet also has two Lightbricks in the engine assembly, which can be activated by pulling a lever on the jet's back.

The Plane

This is the second model of the set, and also the second largest, although it's dimensions are not mentioned in the description. As it's name suggests, this model has two turnable propellers. This model incorporates the set's two lightbricks in the same style as the supersonic jet, using them as for afterburner effects in the engines. Unlike the supersonic jet, this model does not have movable flaps on the wings or movable tailplanes.

The Speedboat

The speedboat is the third model of the set, as well as the smallest, although, like the dual-propeller plane, it's dimensions are not mentioned in the description. It has two engines with turnable propellers, as well as a movable steering wheel. This model uses the set's lightbricks as headlights. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Build all 3 high-velocity vehicles!
Got the need for speed? This cool 3-in-1 building experience has plenty! Build 3 high-speed vehicles: supersonic jet, dual prop plane or high-speed boat. Soar through the skies in this supersonic jet, move its’ wing flaps, tail fins and landing gear and open the cockpit or light up the afterburners with a flick of a button. When you’re done, rebuild jet into a dual propeller plane or a high-speed boat!

  • A cool 3-in-1 building experience
  • Rebuild the supersonic jet into a dual propeller plane or high-speed boat
  • Jet’s wing flaps, tail fins, and landing gear really move!
  • Open the cockpit and light up the afterburners with a flick of a button
  • Includes LEGO® Power Functions light up brick.
  • Plane measures 15" (39cm) from front to back and over 13" (33cm) wide


  • It includes two Lightbricks, for simulation of afterburners on real planes. At the same time, these serve the exact same role on the dual propeller plane, while they serve as headlights on the speedboat.
  • The lever used to activate the lightbricks also raises the canopy when shifted in the opposite direction.
  • The supersonic jet and the dual propeller plane have retractable landing gear.
  • The 3 models are minifigure scale.


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