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5918 Scorpion Tracker, released as 5918 Sam Grant's Scorpion in the United Kingdom, is an Adventurers Egypt set released in 1998.


The set includes Johnny Thunder and a car for him to drive. Also included are two black scorpions, a map, a dark grey shovel and pickaxe, a pair of black binoculars and a dark grey rifle. The car can seat two and has a storage box on the back.


In The Lost Temple - An Interactive Puzzle Book, Alex Botnik leaves the Scorpion Tracker in the Mexican jungle for the Adventurers to use. They drive it to Salsa Verde before continuing on foot. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Zoom over desert dunes in search of adventure -- but watch out for scorpions! Includes Adventurer, Johnny Thunder, tools, binoculars and a map to help you discover ancient treasure. This is a description taken from the 1998 United Kingdom catalog. Please do not modify it.

Sam Grant, a first class explorer has real problems. He only has a quarter of the treasure map! From 5 years.

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