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5919 Treasure Tomb is a 1998 Adventurers Egypt set that had a limited release. It includes 3 minifigures.


Three minifigures were included: Johnny Thunder, Baron von Barron, and a Pharaoh Skeleton. The set consists of a tomb, a small building, and a car. The car is interesting, as it uses a sarcophagus bottom for the rear part of the car. The car has room for one minifigure, equipment clips and a spare tire on the back. The small building has parrot and fire decorations and launches snakes out the front. The tomb is medium-sized and has a sarcophagus in front and the treasure in back. It is decorated with a hieroglyphic column, wings and parrots. When the sarcophagus is opened, the pharaoh skeleton comes out and a snake pit is uncovered. Accessories included: a movie camera and film, a pair of black binoculars, a revolver, a rifle, a pickaxe, a black scorpions and two red snakes. Also included was a large gold storage case shaped like a sarcophagus.


  • This set is mostly identical to 3722 Treasure Tomb, with the exception of the storage case.

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