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5920 Island Racer is Lord Sinister's personal vehicle to race around with on Dino Island. Released in 2000, the set contained 50 pieces. It is recommended for children aged 6 through to 12.


The Island Racer is predominately a one-seated race car of Lord Sinister's. The majority of the model is red, however, it does feature old grey and light grey as a secondary colour for the long motor and cars wheels. It's starts with a basic two 6x4 plate pieces below as the building base of the car added on the 1x2 side pin holes connecting to the wheels of the car. The front part of the model mostly consists of a mechanical motor while the back is the drivers seat. Most of the motor consists of 1x2 rounded window pieces with a 1x1 stud above, although the front is actually a sole radiator piece similar in shape. The nozzle piece is attached to the sides acting as a exhaust for the engine.

At the rear of the vehicle another 2x6 plate is attached as the base of the drivers area. The front is built with red 1x2 wedge piece mounted with a small panel transparent window and a steering wheel in front. Behind the seat is presumably a rest consisting of 1x2 wedges pieces and rounded top 1x2 pieces all of which are in red.


This is the personal car of Lord Sinister. He used it as his primary vehicle on Dino Island.


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