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5936 Spider's Secret is an Adventurers set released in 1999. It contains a jeep that has a spare tire in the back, a steering wheel, a gas gauge, a gear shifter, and a HC514 license plate. It also comes with Señor Palomar, Pippin Reed, and a Skeleton minifigure.


There is a video camera, a backpack, two spiders, snake, a scorpion, a rifle, a pickaxe, a magnifying glass, cup, a backpack, a map, a little camp site and the Sun Disk included as accessories. The temple includes a sun disk artifact and an axe trap. Pull a rod and the axe falls down in a chopping motion.


  • The set is called Senor Gomez's Expedition in the UK.
  • The car in the set also appears in Lego Racers 2 as Pippin Reed's vehicle.


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