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5956 Expedition Balloon was a 1999 Adventurers Jungle set. The set contained 170 pieces, and four minifigures.


The balloon is a grey dirigible with eyes and a mouth featuring sharp teeth printed on. Adventurers is stylized and written across the side. Lastly, the LEGO logo is printed on the top tail-fin. The balloon is able to have the front part removed to place pieces inside.

A black hull is attached to the balloon with wheels pinned unto it. A windshield is in the front and a chain supporting an anchor. In the back is a cabin and a propeller connected to an engine behind that.

A small shrine is also included. It features the Sun Disc on rails which allows it to be removed. The shrine is coloured with grey, red, yellow, and blue and has a skull on the top.


The balloon appears in LEGO Racers on the Jungle track. Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy make cameos, both appearing in it.

The balloon reappears in LEGO Racers 2 where it is more prominently featured. It appears in Sandy Bay and is used by the player to go to and from Dino Island.


  • The balloon pieces are exclusive to this set.
  • This is one of the few sets to have a LEGO piece longer than the box.
  • The set is called The Great Adventure in the UK.

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