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5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy is a Space Police III set that was released in May 30, of 2009 In the US and on June 4, 2009 in the UK. Included in this set are Kranxx and Space Police III Officer Minifigures, along with a stop sign and traffic light. The set features a large flame piece that comes out of the thruster of Kranxx's speeder bike, as well as two flick-fire based freeze ray launchers on the Ray Bike.

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Freeze the space-crook in his tracks!
Space Police Command to all available units! Space Biker leader Kranxx is on the loose with his hotrod hover-cycle, and he’s breaking every intergalactic speed limit in sight. Hop on your anti-gravity Ray Bike and use your twin flick-fire freeze ray cannons to put his crime spree on ice – just watch out for his cycle’s blazing fire trail!

  • Kranxx and Space Police Officer minifigures included!
  • Traffic light and stop sign accessories also included!
  • Space police vehicle has flick fire weapons!
  • Police Ray Bike measures 3½ inches (8.9cm) long!
  • Hotrod Hover Cycle measures 6 inches (15.2cm) long, including fire trail!

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