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5978 The Secret of the Sphinx is an Adventurers Egypt set released in 1998. It contains 342 pieces, and 7 minifigures: Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, Pharaoh Hotep, Skeleton, Slyboots, Johnny Thunder, and Baron Von Barron.


The set features a large Sphinx on a special baseplate along with a small statue of Anubis statue and several obelisks. The Sphinx has a secret compartment that Pharaoh Hotep hides inside, and can be accessed by an exploding door. The baseplate has a secret compartment that has snakes inside. Many accessories are included like a car, a tent with a campfire, three maps, a magnifying glass, sextant, a pickaxe, a shovel, a movie camera, a 2x1 printed dynamite tile, a pistol, a rifle, and a sarcophagus.


  • The sphinx appears in Lego Racers as part of the Desert Adventure Dragway track. It hosts a secret shortcut that can only be opened if the player fires a projectile based weapon at it.


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