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5982 Smash 'n' Grab was released on December 4, 2009[1] as part of the LEGO Space Police III line. Included is one Space Police Commando and a Squidtron Minifigure. This set has been discovered at several Toys'R'Us stores throughout the US before its national release date of January 2010. This set is also available at The criminal included, Squidtron, is a robot made by Squidman for his own use, but Squidtron became more powerful and became his own robotic villain.


Squidtron's vehicle has a moveable crane to lift the Asteroid Bank ATM. It also features two flick-fire plasma cannons. Included on one side is a wrench, while on the other side there is a blaster. Inside the cockpit there is a wheel used for steering the ship. The front also has a ramming grill and two spikes.

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Squidtron is on the loose!
Priority one to all Space Police units in Galaxy City! Squidtron has just smashed into the Space Bank and stolen an asteroid ATM – asteroid and all! It’s up to the Space Police commando to stop the space-crook before he gets away in his custom ram-raider vehicle, complete with dual firing plasma cannons, a spiked ramming grill and a heavy lifting crane for escaping with the loot!

  • Set includes 2 minifigures: Commando and Squidtron alien!
  • Ram-raider armed with twin shooting plasma cannons, spiked ramming grill and lifting crane!
  • Measures over 7" (17cm) long and over 4" (10cm) wide!

Minifigures Included



  1. 1.0 1.1 This set could be found at Toys'R'Us stores in the US beginning in December, one month before the official world-wide release date.

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