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5984 Lunar Limo is a Space Police III set released in 2010.


The set consists of a large, armoured luxury space limo, plus three minifigures - the criminal kingpin Brick Daddy, his driver Jawson and a lone Space Police Commando with rocketpack. The Lunar Limo is the largest Black Hole Gang vehicle in the Space Police III theme and sports a solid black colour scheme highlighted in purple and gold. It features a launching missile on the front and an opening cabin roof, which allows Brick Daddy to escape on his miniship. The rear of the ship contains a compartment for the Space Police minifigure to hide in.


  • Brick Daddy's head glows in the dark.
  • This is the only set to include Brick Daddy.
  • The gold Brick Daddy head is exclusive to this set.
  • An unnamed song was played in the animation for the set on
  • This is only Space Police III set that feature launching missile, but don't include pod for prisoner.

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Ride in Brick Daddy's stretched limo, space out in style!
Brick Daddy runs his criminal crew from the luxury of his stretched-out space limo driven by Jawson. Equipped with super-cool space weapons and an escape pod, in case Brick Daddy and his gang need to make a fast get-away! Brick Daddy is one tough crook to catch...good thing the Space Police commandos are up into the space chase!

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Brick Daddy, Jawson and Space Police Commando
  • Limo features concealed shooting function, opening cockpit and escape pod
  • Lunar Limo measures over 14" (35cm)



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