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5985 Space Police Central is a Space Police III set that was released in late May 2010. Included are two Space Police Commandos (One is a Space Police Chief), a X99 Robot, a new Jawson alien and an alien clad in a red suit, named "Craniac" who wears a rare red Skull Twin helmet. It has 630 pieces.


The Space Police Central is mainly white, with translucent blue windows. The main building and control tower rests on a large grey baseplate. The main floor of the main building consists of the garage used to house the prison pod transport truck included in the set. Inside the garage is a small tool rack, and the door consists of thin alternating black and yellow panels, with one white panel possessing a small handle at the very end. The door slides open sideways. In front of the garage is a small white, printed ramp leading over the bricks that the door slides on, and an unprinted slope using the same piece leads back down on the inside.

On the second floor is the control room. The room's main feature is the two large, curvaceous translucent blue windows that make up most of the room's exterior. At the edge of each window is a column of white bricks ascending along the windows' edges, and each column holds an upwards-extending antenna. In front of the large windows and on the inside of the room is a computer, which is comprised of three printed 2x2 slopes. On the right side of the room are two containers storing research equipment. The smaller, top-most one holds a so-called "Sniffer Frog", and the other contains "Evidence". There is also a a small clip for a metal detector on the "Evidence" box that holds a black metal detector. On the left side of the room is a weapon storage area. In front of the room, still on the second floor, is a small balcony that has clips for more equipment, as well as sirens and two freeze ray cannons.

The Break Room has wanted posters of Brick Daddy and Squidtron.

Behind the Prison Pod cells is a small shooting range with aliens for targets


  • The prison pod transport truck does not fit fully in its garage when the door is closed. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Lock up alien crooks in Precinct 78 and prevent maximum-security mayhem!
"The Space Police are out to contain some of the galaxy's most dangerous criminals in Precinct 78's prison pods. Now Craniac is planning on breaking them out! Can the Space Police foil his devious plan and stop intergalactic crime? Includes 5 minifigures: 2 Space Police Commandos, Jawson, Craniac and X99 robot.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: 2 Space Police Commandos, Jawson, Craniac and X99 robot
  • Vehicles include 2 rocket bikes, prison pod transport truck and alien space chopper with shooting function
  • Derail Craniac and his devious plan!
  • Station features airlock door, prison pod modules, control tower and radar
  • Station measures over 11"" (27cm) long and 8"" (20cm) tall

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