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5986 Amazon Ancient Ruins is an Adventurers Jungle set released in 1999.


This set contains 453 pieces to construct a large jungle temple, a car, a boat, and 8 minifigures. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers crew travel to the heart of the South-American Jungle in search of treasure. This set comes with a variety of bright coloured bricks and rare pieces.

This set has two main parts: one part having a booby-trapped statue,and another part that has the main temple. Achu's throne has the platform for the sun disk to sit on. It also includes a throne for Achu on top of a huge doorway.


  • The temple is made part of the Amazon Adventure Alley track in Lego Racers where the player drives through it and then through a river before ending up outside again.
  • The set also appears in 5706 LEGOLAND as an attraction in the Adventurers rides theme.
  • The ruins can be seen in Lego Island 2 during the Bi-Plane section on Adventurers Island.

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