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6000-LEGOLAND Idea Book was an Idea Book released in 1980. It had 84 pages and two sticker sheets to accompany the models.


The book runs as a story of Bill and Mary's adventures, starting from them building their house, and then traveling into town to see the sights. Unfortunately while they are in town, a fire breaks out at their house. Afterward Bill and Mary continue on their way visiting each building in Town and eventually ending up at the Circus for the remainder of the day. The evening falls and Bill and Mary visit a Windmill, seemingly to stay for the night. Come the next day they continue their adventures, visiting more of the town buildings and the Airport. The second night falls and they go to the cinema. After the film they blast off to a Space Station on the Moon, eventually they return to a Castle and watch a Jousting match. Sometime later they are seen wandering back through the town dreaming of their adventures.


  • Bill and Mary make an appearance in the mobile game LEGO Tower, along with a special rooftop based on the idea book. Players in the game's official Discord server noticed all the pieces necessary to make the minifigures as citizens were already in the game's default character creation pieces, except for their torsos, and suggested that they be added. The developers liked the idea, and included the new content in update 1.4 on September 18, 2019. Their torso pieces can be received as random rewards, while the rooftop can be acquired by entering the code "6000".


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