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6011 Black Knight's Treasure is a Castle-themed set released in 1985. It is a horse drawn carriage commonly used in the medieval era. It contains 25 pieces. The set features a red-and-yellow two-wheeled cart carrying a light gray treasure chest, pulled by a black horse, and driven by a lone Black Falcons knight who is armed with a spear. There is a special piece located on the back to hold the saddle using the clip on its side.

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  • 6011 is an obscure set, released in 1985, but evidently not in the United States, for it does not appear in any American LEGO Catalogs.
  • Though the set is named Black Knight's Treasure, it is not affiliated with the Black Knights faction, which did not appear until 1988.
  • The set includes a rare single-clip yellow coloured horse saddle and is the only set to include a light grey treasure chest.


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