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6016 Knight's Arsenal is a Castle Crusaders set released in 1987. It includes a small two-wheeled horse-drawn weapons wagon, driven by a Lion (Crusader) Knight. It contains 36 pieces. It was also included in 0011 Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer.


It is pulled by a white horse, using a blue horse harness. It is similar to the 1985 set 6010 Supply Wagon. The build of this set makes use of the white 2x1 Brick and white 2x1 plate alternately used to "fill-in" the gap in the body of the included white horse to construct a small weapons rack to hold a pair of swords. It includes a brown spear, a Crusaders shield, two axes, and two swords. The cart has a black flagpole with a red flag.

Minifigures Included

Lion Crusaders Knight


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