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6018031 Master Builder Academy: Kits 7-9 Subscription is a LEGO Master Builder Academy set released on 1 May 2012. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

More adventure, more techniques, more building!

Take your building to the highest level yet with LEGO MBA Level 3, the latest addition to our popular LEGO Master Builder Academy series! Three kits connect together to create an awesome adventure written by best-selling author, Daniel Lipkowitz! Learn the art of building scenes for your own stories with bricks, just like LEGO Designers do when they create new models! Master the techniques to create details like trap doors, stairways, arches, thrones and more with 33 new building instructions! Your Level 3 subscription includes:

  • Kit 7 The Lost Village: Learn how LEGO stories and themes are created as you practice the techniques of story building and modular building! Includes 1 exclusive LEGO® MBA minifigure, a brick separator, and a brick storage box with sorting tray. (229 pieces)
  • Kit 8 The Forbidden Bridge: Learn how to create hidden functions to liven up your adventures, like trap doors, rotating panels, secret treasure troves and booby traps!! (220 pieces)
  • Kit 9 The Dark Lair: As you reach the ultimate challenge of your Level 3 adventure, you’ll learn the special art of building models for your story’s villains! (183 pieces)
  • Includes 1 LEGO MBA kit delivered every two months, for 6 months: 3 kits in total.
  • Each kit includes one 84-page Designer Handbook teaching 2 LEGO MBA techniques, building instructions to build 3-4 models, one at a time, and minifigure accessories for the Level 3 minifigure that is included in Kit 7.
  • Each kit includes a total of 11 separate building instructions in the Designer Handbooks and online. Another 7-8 building instructions per kit are found on
  • Subscription includes a new unique code to access the members-only website,
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  • One subscription per order.
  • Learn more about Kit 1 and Kits 2-6 Subscription.
  • For more information on LEGO Master Builder Academy, please visit

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