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60236 Straight and T-junction is a City set released in 2019. It contains one printed straight road plate and one T-junction road plate. The base plates measure 25x25cm (32x32 studs). description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Extend the streets of LEGO® City with Straight and T-junction road plates!

Build up your roads with LEGO® City 60236 Straight and T-junction road plates, to make hauling cargo or driving passengers around even more entertaining. This creative play set, including 1 T-junction plate and 1 straight road plate, is compatible with your existing LEGO City sets.

  • Features 1 T-junction road plate and 1 straight road plate.
  • Connect the road base plates to your existing LEGO® City sets to extend your play.
  • Straight and T-junction road base plates each measure 9” (25cm) square.

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