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60249 Street Sweeper is a City set that was released on January 2, 2020.


The set includes 89 pieces which are used to create a minifigure, accessories, and a compact street sweeper. The accessories include a trash can, broom, and banana. The street sweeper has a green chassis, with two Bright Blue brush pieces on each side and two Bright Blue TECHNIC gear wheels serving as front sweepers, which are attached by TECHNIC beams to the front of the car. The main body of the car is White, and the seating area slopes upward, creating a curved body. The windshield is Transparent and two Transparent 1 x 1 roof tiles serve as headlights. The sides of the car are built with bricks with knobs, which attach to a bulging area made of 2 x 4 bricks and various sizes of roof tiles. A green recycle sticker attaches to both sides. The roof of the car has a small White hood and a Transparent Bright Orange 1 x 2 tile that serves as warning lights. In the back are bricks with forks that various accessories can be attached to, such as a shovel or the broom. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Youngsters will love to role-play everyday heroes with the LEGO® City Street Sweeper (60249). This awesome toy truck features realistic brushes that spin when it’s pushed along, plus a garbage can, shovel and minifigure driver. Just add a budding builder with a big imagination and let the play begin. Great building set for kids This cool construction toy comes with Instructions PLUS – part of the free LEGO Life app for smartphones and tablets. This interactive building guide, with amazing zoom and rotate viewing tools, quickly helps younger LEGO builders become master builders. LEGO City Great Vehicles – Cool toys for kids Kids grow up surrounded by amazing vehicles and machines on land, air or water – and with LEGO City Great Vehicles sets, they get to explore them up close! These fun building sets inspire open-ended, imaginative play, where children can recreate scenarios that reflect real life in a fun and exciting way.

  • This street sweeper toy is an ideal introduction to the exciting world of LEGO® City. Perfect for kids aged 5 and up, it is designed to inspire open-ended, imaginative role-play based on real-life scenarios.
  • What’s in the box? A cool LEGO® City Street Sweeper toy with room for the minifigure driver, plus a garbage can, shovel and banana. Everything a kid needs for fun, independent play.
  • This street sweeper toy has realistic brushes that spin when it's pushed along. Kids can also combine this set with other original LEGO® toy playsets for fun play and cool displays.
  • This LEGO® City (60249) playset makes a great Christmas, birthday or any-other-day gift for kids aged 5 and up and for boys and girls who love toy vehicles. Requires only very basic building skills.
  • Measuring over 2" (6cm) high, 3" (10cm) long and 2" (7cm) wide, the Street Sweeper toy has room in the cab for the driver and room in the back for the slippery banana!
  • The street sweeper building set for kids doesn't require batteries – so the play can start right away!
  • This street sweeper truck comes with Instructions PLUS – an interactive building guide that helps budding builders become master builders! Available in the free LEGO® Life app for smart devices.
  • LEGO® City Great Vehicles sets come with feature-rich vehicles and fun characters that stimulate imaginative role-play as kids create open-ended adventures in lifelike settings.
  • LEGO® City toy construction sets meet the highest industrystandards, which ensures these fun toys continue to connect and pull apart easily time after time.
  • At The LEGO Group, we drop, squash, twist, heat, scratch and stretch LEGO® City building toys to make sure every set meets the highest global safety and quality standards.

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