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6034 Black Monarch's Ghost is a Black Knights set released in 1990 and discontinued after 1994. It contains a mounted knight with a horse, a small shack with a flag and opening doors that reveal a ghost, and a grey bird on a brick. Together with 1888 Black Knight's Guardshack, this is one of the smallest sets of the Black Knights. It includes 48 pieces.


  • The included knight was the first one of the Black Knights that was equipped with the new movable visor helmet and the breastplate, the previous knights in production since 1984 had a helm with a fixed grille and the plate mail was stamped on the torso. In the dioramas for the 1991 and 1992 catalogues, this minifigure may have appeared in lieu of the older style knights (lacking the movable visor and breastplate) from 6085 Black Monarch's Castle, riding one of the barded houses from Black Monarch's Castle.
  • Together with 6081 King's Mountain Fortress, this was one of the first two sets that included the ghost figure.
  • The title of this set implies that the ghost is either the black monarch himself or owned by the monarch.
  • This set had the longest production run for the Black Knights, being produced from 1990 to 1994 when the faction was discontinued.

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