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6038 Wolfpack Renegades, released as 6075 Wolves' Highway Haunt[1] or 6075 Wolf People's Highway Haunt[2][3] in the United Kingdom, is a Castle set of the Wolfpack subtheme and has been released in 1992.


This set contains 93 pieces, building a horse cart with two eponymous Wolfpack Renegades.

The "loot" consists of a barrel and a treasure chest that contain four "gold pieces" (that are simple yellow round 1x1 plates) and one yellow goblet. The chest is usually stored in the back of the cart, but can also be hidden in a secret compartment inside of it.

The set also includes a varied complement of weapons: two swords, a spear, a bow, a crossbow and a quiver as well as one Wolfpack shield.

LEGO Description This is a description taken from Imagination Catalog Shop-At-Home 1994. Do not modify it.

This horse-driven wagon is equipped with a false bottom for hiding treasure. The 2 Renegades have many treasures to transport to their Wolfpack Tower hideout. 93 pieces. This is a description taken from Spring 1995 Shop At Home. Do not modify it.

At first it looks like an ordinary horse-drawn wagon -- but examine it closely to find the false bottom for hiding treasure! Includes 2 renegades and secret treasures. 93 pieces.

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