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6041 Armor Shop is a Castle set released in 1986. The set contains a stall with various weapons, shields and helmets, a weapon trader and a Crusaders knight on a white horse.


The Armor Shop set from 1986 was a continuation to developing a range of buildings and minifigures for the Castle line. It featured a small roofed pavilion, which was built into a section of castle wall, equipped with Technic Brick and Peg construction to allow it to be connected to other similar walls in the line.

The shop was manned by an armor-wearing weapons peddler, and was frequented by a Crusaders knight on horseback. The Armor Shop sported a large rack full of weaponry and helmets for sale, including shields sporting both Crusaders and Black Falcons crests.

Minifigures included



  • Two interesting pieces included in the set, and not available elsewhere, are a black sword, and a red banner imprinted with the Crusaders lion crest.
  • This set, while small, comes with many weapons and some armor pieces.
  • It was also included in 0011 Castle 2 for 1 Bonus Offer.

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