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6055 Prisoner Convoy is Castle set of the Crusaders faction released in 1985. The set contains 112 pieces to construct a prison carriage, four minifigures, five horses, and many accessories.


Set 6055 Prisoner Convoy was one of several smaller LEGO Castle sets that were released in the mid 1980s in Europe and other parts of the world, but not in America. The reason for this is unknown.

This set depicted a team of 3 Crusaders soldiers escorting a peasant in the holding cell of their black-and-blue prison wagon. The wagon was pulled by a team of four horses, with a knight escort riding a fifth horse. The coachman uses a spear since horsewhips were not introduced until 1988. His uniform has the crest with the crossed axes, while the archer has the regular lion crest.

This was the only Castle set with a carriage that was drawn by four horses. And the first of two prison carriages of the Crusaders, the other one being 6042 Dungeon Hunters.

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