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6059 Knight's Stronghold was a LEGO Castle set released in 1990. It contained a gate with hinged wall segments, a catapult, a horse, a Black Falcons knight with a crossbowman and three Black Knights soldiers.


The "stronghold" belongs to the Black Knights and consists of a gate with two hinged wall segments. The right wall has a jail cell with a latticed door at the rear. The structure is guarded by three Black Knights soldiers, equipped with halberds and a crossbow.

The attack force of the Black Falcons consists of a knight on horseback and a crossbowman, as well as a mobile catapult. The catapult is triggered by pulling out a Technic axle to release the counterweight which moves the ammunition basket on the boom upwards.


  • The ends of the walls had bricks with a hole and a pin, making it possible to combine it with other sets or several versions of itself in a fashion similar to older modular castle walls.
  • This set included the second Black Falcons catapult. The first was included in 6030 Catapult.
  • The mounted knight is the only Black Falcons soldier that was ever equipped with a new visor helmet.

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