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6062 Battering Ram is a Crusaders set released in 1987. It contains wall segment of the Black Falcons, a siege tower/battering ram of the Crusaders and six minifigures.


In this action- (and play value-) packed set, a trio of Black Falcons guards defend a section of double-hinged castle wall with tower, against a force of three Crusaders as they lay siege with their wheeled battering ram, bringing its destructive force to bear on the wall's small entry door.

The siege engine is actually a wheeled siege tower with a movable battering ram in its lower part. The ram can be pushed along a guiderail made up of plates and tiles. Fully extended it reaches out three studs beyond the extend of the bridge above.

Two of the Crusaders have the crossed axes crest on their torso, while the third one has a regular lion crest.


  • This was one of the many Castle sets of the 1980s that could be combined with other buildings via Technic pins.
  • 6062 Battering Ram was spotlighted in the opening pages of the 1988 LEGO Catalog, demonstrating three interesting alternate models that can be built from the pieces of the set.
  • This set is similar to 6061 Siege Tower from 1984, which contained a wall segment with a siege tower as well and had a similarly designed wall with battlement.

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