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6067 Guarded Inn is a LEGO Castle set released in the year 1986. The set contains 246 pieces to construct an inn that is guarded by a Crusader Knight on horseback and two Crusader Soldiers. Also included is a Maiden along with accessories. Due to its popularity, the set was re-released in 2001 as 10000 Guarded Inn, a LEGO Legends set.


The inn sits on several black plates and several small green plates. One half of the building is grey and is built like a castle, and the other half is black and red, and is built more as an inn, although it has a small grey platform on top of it, which appears to have no way for the soldier to get to it. The unusual architecture could maybe be explained by the inn being built against the inside of a castle wall. Inside the inn is a yellow table with a cup and flowers.
The set includes four minifgures: A blue knight with a horse, helmet and sword, a Crusader Soldier with spear and shield, one with bow and quiver, and a maiden with a red pointed hat and a little blue cape.

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