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6075 Wolfpack Tower is a Castle set of the Wolfpack faction that was released in 1992. The set contains a tower with a bridge entrance, three Wolfpack bandits and a ghost.


The Wolfpack tower is the main fortress of the wolfpack renegades. It is built on a large water plate. The bottom floor is a chest on the water and a bridge with supports. The bridge leads into a large cavern/castle area. A ladder leads up to the second floor, with battlements and more. There is a ghost in the wall, which can be hidden using the ladder. On top of the the Wolfpack banner, a spear, a torch, and a bird of prey (gray parrot). The set is mostly black and gray. It contains three Wolfpack renegades. Both sides of the bridge can be raised or lowered, and a cliff wall part can be slid out.


  • The interior of the fortress can be accessed by opening its side walls. Inside is a treasure chest hidden under a small hinged bridge that connects the main gate with the base of the highest tower. The small room on the top floor of this tower is just big enough to house a ghost Minifigure. Otherwise, this building does not contain any additional rooms or storage space.
  • With only one spear, a battle axe, a sword, a crossbow and one single shield, the set contains less weaponry than 6038 Wolfpack Renegades, which is surprising since the latter contains only two Minifigures.
  • This is the very first LEGO set that included BURPs.
  • Part 2335p44 comes in 2 sets.

Minifigures included

Wolfpack BanditWolfpack BanditWolfpack BanditGhost


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