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6077 Forestmen's River Fortress is a LEGO Castle set that was released under the Forestmen subtheme in 1989. The set contains a large tower structure built between two trees in the middle of a lake, a small raft and six minifigures, including five Forestmen and a soldier of the Crusaders. With 348 pieces, this was the biggest Forestmen set.



The base of the tower sits on arches that stand in the open water, technically allowing people to swim right through it. The basement contains a small barred jail compartment. On the front of the tower is a small walkway that leads from the main gate to the waterside where a small crooked tree with a shooting target is situated. The gate can be shut with a brick-built portcullis.

The tower itself is built between two trees and is largely hollow at the inside, containing just the jail in the basement and support structures for the platform on the roof and the portcullis mechanism. To allow easier access to the interior, a large section comprised of the rear wall and the right tree can be folded out, being mounted on hinge bricks. On the top is a platform with crenelations and the winch for the portcullis.

The raft is composed of a platform on four barrels. The chest on it contains four yellow 1x1 rounds.

Among the minifigures are the forestmen leader, four of his men, with red and blue collars, and one desperately outnumbered soldier of the Crusaders.

6077 Forestmen's River Fortress


  • This was the first set in which Part 3811 was Blue.

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