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6087 Witch's Magic Manor was a Fright Knights set released in 1997. The set contains 255 pieces to construct the witch's lair, a flying machine, a green dragon (version 1), Willa the Witch, a knight on a black horse, three other Minifigures and a skeleton.


The Magic Manor is basically an irregular rockscape, made up of BURPs, with several rooms and platforms built onto it. On the top floor is a magical lab with several bottles and a crystal ball on a table, a torch and a magic scroll. Other features of the lair include a rock, made of triangular BURPs, that can be lifted and dropped on a poor individual that awaits its fate below it and a revolving wall that acts as a secret passage.

Minifigures Included[]


  • Two 12x24 bricks are included for baseplates.
  • On the right hand corner of the last page of the instructions is a Dragon Masters logo.
  • The set is known as The Evil Mountain in the UK.

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