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6088 Robber's Retreat is a 1998 Ninja set. The set includes 4 minifigures and contains 273 pieces.


This set is a medium-to-large Ninja set. It has 4 minifigures: Kata, the Robber Chief, and two Black Ninja. In the instructions it shows one Samurai in the jail cell and the other pulling around a small catapult. The top of the catapult lifts up to reveal a Ninja Sword. The catapult device works by pushing down one part with enough force to cause the brick in it to go flying.

The Fortress is defended by a group of two Black Ninja. One of the Ninja pilots a flying vehicle. The jail cell of the fort can be removed, revealing a trap. If you pull out a piece, the trap flies down stabbing anyone in its way with four ninja swords. In the corner of the fort is a small compartment. On top is a black Ninja Sword, and under it is a stash of gold coins. Another feature of the fort is that among it's rocky walls, there are two "balconies".


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