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\ 6097 Night Lord's Castle is a Fright Knights set released in 1997. The set contains a castle, a black Dragon (version 1), two horses and eight Minifigures, including Basil the Bat Lord, Willa the Witch, and four Fright Knights Minifigures.


The castle is made up of three segments: the front part with the gate, the aft part with a throne room and the separate tower section that would usually be attached to the top of the aft section. All three segments were built on thick, green plates, and could also be rearranged.

The front section had a gate that was protected by a portcullis. There was also a mechanism that could drop stones from a cauldron on the top floor onto the way behind the gate. To the right and left were two doors. The aft section contained a throne with a table in front of it and a revolving wall with a fireplace behind it. To the left and right were openings in the wall that lead directly outside. On the top floor is a table built onto a trap door that leads to the throne room below. Behind it was typically the position of the tower.

The tower had four floors. The first floor contained a bookstand with a magic scroll and bottles. The second floor contained a crystal ball, together with a mechanism that allows make a minifigure skull appear inside the ball. On the third floor was a prison that usually housed a captive Royal Knights soldier. A treasure chest was stored on the fourth floor. On its roof was an observation platform with a telescope.


  • With the tower attached to the top, this was the tallest LEGO castle released.
  • The flag with the bat emblem was only available in this set.
  • The building instructions are labeled with the Royal Knights logo.
  • Some of the Minifigures in this set appear to be captured slaves.
  • Some buildings and structures based on the castle appear as part of the Knightmare-athon track in LEGO Racers (game)
  • The set is known as Count Batlord's Kingdom in the UK.

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