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6100 Aquashark Dart is an Aquazone set released in 1998. It contains a small wet sub and 1 minifigure.


The Aquashark Dart is the smallest Aquasharks set. Oddly, though it is labeled Hydronauts by LEGO, it is often considered to be an Aquasharks set because of the minifigure it contains. Like most Aquazone sets, there are spare diving flippers on a rack. The sub is piloted by Thresher, but his armor is different from that of other Aquasharks. For weapons it has two harpoons, and for propulsion is has a black propeller.


  • The diver appears to be Thresher, but his visor is blue and the sub has a yellow colorscheme that was more common for Aquanauts and Hydronauts. The building instructions are labeled with the Hydronauts logo.
  • This set has the same content as 1095 Super Sub from 1999, which was attributed to the Hydronauts subtheme.

Minifigures Included

The one minifigure, possibly Thresher

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