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6109 Sea Creeper is an Aquazone Stingrays set released in 1998.


The Sea Creeper is one of the smaller Stingrays sets. It is a one-man vehicle, with twin propeller. In the back of the cockpit area is a storage box for carrying Crystals. The propellers can swivel left and right. For weapons the Sea Creeper has a claw arm and a propeller arm. It has four bricks on the bottom which serve as lights. An interesting feature of the ship is that it carries a hand-held claw, which can be used by the Stingray minifigure.

An interesting detail is that this set comes with a giant stingray.


After the Aquanauts, Aquasharks, and Aquaraiders left, the Hydronauts and the Stingrays came and fought over the Silver Crystals.

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