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6140 Sea Creeper is a set released for the Stingrays theme in 1998. It is nearly identical to 6109 Sea Creeper, except that set comes with a giant manta ray. 6140 Sea Creeper has 78 parts and one stingray minifigure.


The Sea Creeper is one of the smaller Stingrays sets. It is a one-man vehicle, with twin propeller. In the back of the cockpit area is a storage box for carrying crystals. The propellers can swivel left and right. For weapons the Sea Creeper has a claw arm and a propeller arm. It has four bricks on the bottom which serve as lights. An interesting feature of the ship is that it carries a hand-held claw, which can be used by the Stingray minifigure.


After the Aquanauts, Aquasharks, and Aquaraiders were gone, the Hydronauts and the Stingrays came, with the Hydronauts fighting to save the sea life which the Stingrays were capturing, and both were fighting over the Silver Crystals.

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