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6145 Crystal Crawler is a 1996 Aquanauts set. It includes 91 pieces to build an underwater submarine/vehicle and a minifigure. It was also released as 1728 Crystal Crawler.


6145 Crystal Crawler is a small Aquanauts set. It has two harpoons on the front as weapons, as well as two propellers. It also has two propellers in the back, even though is has wheels. It has two claws for grabbing crystals or enemies. The set is almost entirely yellow, with some black mixed in. At the back are two diving flippers. The vehicle is piloted by an Aquanaut. The set also includes a bush of seaweed.

Minifigures Included

6195 Aquanaut Black


  • A giant version of this set can be seen on top of The LEGO Imagination Center at the MOA
  • On the box illustration the Aquanaut is holding two daggers. This would not allow them to control the vehicle with their hands.
  • This is one of two sets in which Part 2593 is yellow.
  • The back of the box shows four ideas to build with this set.

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