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6190 Shark's Crystal Cave is an Aquazone Aquasharks set released in 1996.


Shark's Crystal Cave is the largest Aquasharks set and one of the largest Aquazone sets. It is composed of a large ship, which is the Aquasharks' largest vehicle, and their base. The vehicle is similar to the Aquashark Barracuda. It has two cockpits. The cockpit on the bottom has a Shark-Face windscreen. The one on top is also used to store a special hand-held propeller. Right behind it is another opening area. It has a steering wheel on the end of it and underneath is a crew cabin. The fin on top can be raised and lowered, as can the two antennae. The tail has multiple sections for storing items, with each section opening on the top. It has two pairs of wings or "fins" on each side. One pair of wings has a diver flipper on each wing and a blue "pipe" part connected to the main body. Above that is a steering wheel. The other pair is right next to the second compartment in the tail. There are many "passenger" seats, which see outside through Trans Neon Orange viewports. Two of these viewports can open. Those viewports have propellers on the windows. The "tail" has two propellers, one on top of the other. The one on top has a special compass piece attached to it.

The cave is smaller than the vehicle itself. It is simply a baseplate, some plants, and a cage. The baseplate is a blue crater baseplate, and unique to this set. There is a ladder, which leads up to a small platform, which can be used to land small vehicles. The platform uses pipe-style columns as support. There is also a cage, which, when raised, releases a Shark. The two plants (bushes) are placed in the craters on the baseplate. There are two parts behind the "cave" which seem to have no purpose.

A 1996 UK Catalog Page with an Aquasharks Comic

The Shark's Crystal Cave comes with two minfigures: Thresher, the Aquashark leader, and the Aquashark.

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