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6198 Stingray Stormer is an Aquazone Stingrays set introduced in 1998.


This set is the largest Stingrays set and one of the largest sets from Aquazone. The cockpit lifts up and the tail moves back and forth. It has a few hidden places which open and a magnetically separating area. The set has many working propellers and other curiosities. The set contains 4 Stingrays Warriors, an Octopus, a Stingray/Manta Ray and a Shark in addition to the Ship and some bushes. Interestingly, there are circular 2 by 2 plates on the Sting Ray Stormer which are areas for suction cup guns to attach.

The Stingray Stormer has a storage bay for crystals, along with flipper holders (diving flippers). The tail can move back and forth. The stingray stormer is propelled by more than 4 propellers. It has tubes connecting the cockpit to lasers and harpoons ready to fire.

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In the Aquazone universe, the Stingray Stormer is the Stingrays most powerful offensive weapon and possibly their base. It is large enough to level many other bases, and is a match for any Hydronauts vehicle that it comes across.

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