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6199 Hydro Crystallization Station is a LEGO Aquazone set released under the Hydronauts subtheme in 1998. It contains the large, underwater base of the Hydronauts, a small submarine, several sea creatures and five minifigures, including three Hydronauts and two Stingrays. This is the only base of the Hydronauts as well as the largest and most expensive set of this Aquazone subtheme.


This set includes 5 minifigures, 2 large transparent green shield pieces, and a few sea animals, including sharks, octopi, and mantarays. The set contains a total of 472 pieces. The set contains 3 Hydronauts and 2 Stingray. There are two vehicles within this set, one being a large Hydronaut submersible-the other being a small Stingray scout craft. The set comes with a raised baseplate, on which the base rests. It contains many yellow and dark-grey pieces, with all of it's translucent pieces being of a dark-greenish colour. It contains many silver pieces, including silver harpoons and crystals. There are Manta Rays, Sharks, and Stingrays swimming around, while a Hydronaut vehicle guards the base. There is a hangar in the base, accessible to the Hydronauts when a button in inside the top section is pushed. There is a sneaky Stingray scout vehicle, similar to set 6107 Recon Ray.

The Hydronauts submarine, which comes with the base, is mostly yellow in colour. It has a dark-green cockpit, with a small amount or black thrown in. It is powered by twin propellers, and on the front are dishes which could be lasers but which could also be sonar devices. It has a carrying cage for crystals. Both of the vehicles have racks for carrying flippers (for diving).


The Hydro Crysatllization Station is the base of the Hydronauts in the Aquazone universe. In the battle between the Hydronauts against the Stingrays, the base of the Hydronauts remains strong.


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