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6200 Evo is a 36 piece set LEGO Hero Factory hero released in January 2012.


Nathan Evo is coloured yellow and dark silver, with orange eyes and a red plasma sphere. His left arm is shorter than his right, and on his left shoulder armour, a black clip shows up, the place to put the handcuffs. His right arm is a weapon, with a huge amount of armour and a plasma gun, and it is called a Tank Arm. His helmet is a little like that of 2.0, but in one piece and with more of his head guarded. It is slightly reminiscent of a construction builder’s helmet. Evo’s shoulders are shorter than others, and his body armour is yellow with silver metal markings to each side of his white Hero Core. He has yellow thigh armour and dark silver lower leg armour and feet that could be indicative of ‘boots.’


In “Ordeal of Fire”, Evo is calm and collected, and he drops into a meditative state between battles. He was one of the first Heroes built with the 2.0 upgrade, and he serves as a heavy duty fighter. In Breakout, however, he is more like a rookie slightly unsure of himself, as he asks Furno for help several times when looking for Toxic Reapa. At the end of the first stage of Breakout, he fights Black Phantom’s Arachnix Drones along with Surge, Stormer, and Furno, while Rocka fights Black Phantom.


  • In the Ordeal of Fire movie, he has an Asian accent, but in the Evo vs. Toxic Reapa video, he seems to have more of an accent like that of someone from the United States of America.
  • In his 2.0 version, he had a purple head, but in this set, he has a reddish orange head. In fact, purple has been completely removed from his colour-scheme.
  • Evo seems to lack any unique tool at his disposal, only having the new ball blaster which comes standard. According to his bio, this is a modified version of the gun called a Tank Arm.
  • The new helmet design is very similar to his 2.0 helmet but is all one piece and fits on the standard Glatorian head.
  • His cuff holder is on his arm, while it is normally on the legs.
  • He is one of the smaller heroes, along with Surge.
  • Evo combines with Toxic Reapa to create Evo and Toxic Reapa Combiner Model.
  • Evo's Asian accent was played by Tom Kenny, and he was voiced by Jason London in Breakout. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Battle the villains with EVO’s tough anti-toxic armor!

Attention, EVO! The villains have broken out of the Hero Factory and we have to recapture them fast! We’ve equipped you with a powerful plasma shooter, anti-toxic power boots and tank arm, so you have everything you need to cuff them and put them back behind bars where they belong.

  • Features hero cuffs, plasma ball shooter, anti-toxic power boots and tank arm!
  • Includes decorated chest piece and poseable design!
  • Includes unique code worth 200 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game!
  • Fire the plasma ball shooter!
  • Battle with the dangerous 6201 TOXIC REAPA!
  • Combine with 6201 TOXIC REAPA for an even bigger model!
  • Measures over 6” (17cm) tall!



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