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6202 Rocka is a 55-piece set LEGO Hero Factory hero released in January 2012.


Rocka wields a golden crossbow with a transparent green lower gun piece, a silver sphere, and two ‘dagger’ pieces as the ‘arms’ of the crossbow. An ammo chain with several silver spears stretches from shoulder to sphere launcher, and on his other arm, Rocka sports a green hex shield similar to Breez’s. His armour colours are dark silver and gold, and his head is transparent neon green. The helmet he wears is gold with a special “heat scope” lens over one eye, much resembling Kopaka from the BIONICLE theme. He is equipped with an energy shield, crossbow with ammo belt, and a pair of hero cuffs. He is more expensive and larger than Stringer, Nex, Surge, and Evo.


Rocka first appeared in a 2.0 form that was only shown in a comic. During the transpiring events, he was upgraded to 3.0, with a lion helmet and new weapons. He turned into an XL Hero when facing the evil Witch Doctor on Quatros, where the comic was set. Later, in the Breakout series, Rocka guarded the Hero Factory informally while the other Heroes brought in the escaped villains, and he single-handedly, without weapons, bested Black Phantom.


  • In the Breakout movie, it is revealed that he is a member of the elite Hero Recon Team and has access to secret information.
  • Rocka is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • According to Wikipedia, the rumoured first name ‘Daniel’ was confirmed as non-canon by a member of the official Hero Factory story team.

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Track down the villains with ROCKA!

ROCKA! The sneaky villains have escaped from the Hero Factory and we need your help to bring them back. Use your specially equipped heat scope vision to locate them and recapture them using your crossbow and energy shield. Then cuff them and bring them to justice! We know the galaxy is safe when you’re around!

  • Features hero cuffs, crossbow, ammo belt with arrows, shooter, energy shield and mask with heat scope vision!
  • Fire the ball shooter!
  • Includes decorated chest piece!
  • Highly flexible and poseable elements!
  • Also includes unique code worth 300 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game!
  • Battle with the master villain 6203 BLACK PHANTOM!
  • Combine with 6203 BLACK PHANTOM for an even bigger model!
  • Stands over 7” (19cm)


The newest rookie from Hero Factory’s extensive production facility is Rocka. Engineered with upgraded parts, Rocka includes the very latest technology available. He was modeled after another very successful rookie, Furno, but has a distinctly different outlook from the older rookie.
Like younger Furno, Rocka is impulsive and sure of himself. His first instinct is to dive into a problem immediately, whether or not he’s ready for the challenge. His intelligence and abilities learned in hundreds of training sphere missions keep him out of trouble most of the time, but every once in a while he gets in over his head. Nevertheless, team leader Stormer has high hopes for this particular rookie Hero.



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