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6207 A-Wing Fighter was released in 2006 as part of the Classic Star Wars line. Included are one Rebel Mechanic, and one A-Wing Pilot Minifigures. It is the second and was the latest model of A-Wing released until a green version appeared in the 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser in 2009.


"Excellent fighter with superior speed and maneuverability. Well suited to destroying or luring enemy fighters" ―- Description of the A-Wing in Empire At War

Simply put, the A-wing was a cockpit attached to twin engines. Like its Clone Wars predecessor, the Eta-2, the A-wing required pilots of exceptional skill to take full advantage of the vessel's speed, agility, and special features—and the Alliance lacked the Galactic Republic's Jedi pilots.

An A-wing, view on its engines. The A-wing's Event Horizon engines remained some of the most powerful sublight thrusters two decades past the A-wing's creation and were linked to highly sensitive controls. The vessels presented a number of challenges to pilots. Pilots had to adjust two dorsal and two ventral stabilizer wings with great care, as even a minor turn could send the speedy A-wing into a massive spinout.

The slight A-wing's wing-mounted laser cannons could rotate up and down sixty degrees for greater fire control. Some of those designs even had their guns modified to swivel in a complete 360-degree arc, thus providing a nasty surprise to any chasing fighter. While a tactical boon, the A-wing had no astromech droid to manage its weapons systems, requiring further attention from the pilot.

The combination of sensitive controls, unmatched sublight thrust, maneuverable weapon systems, advanced sensory and stealth packages, fragility, and heavily exposed cockpit strained even the best pilot. A-wings earned the nickname "slims" for their small frame made of carbo-plas, but also for the "slim" chance of a pilot surviving a direct hit on the ship after the shields were down, and the cramped cockpit that prevented larger pilots from flying the A-wing. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

Fly into battle!

The Rebel Alliance A-wing fighters were the fastest in the fleet during the Battle of Endor. This authentic model of the A-wing includes a cockpit canopy that opens, guns that rotate, and a small cargo room with supplies.

  • Includes Rebel pilot and technician with military cargo speeder.
  • Great for any Star Wars fan!
  • Guns rotate!
  • Canopy opens!

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