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6211 Imperial Star Destroyer is a Star Wars set released in 2006. It includes Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, R2-Q5, one MSE-6 Droid, two Royal Guards, an Imperial Officer, and two Stormtrooper minifigures. It also includes Emperor Palpatine as a hologram.

Dagger-shaped Star Destroyers are the most feared symbol of Imperial might, armed with deadly firepower and powerful scanner and tractor-beam arrays. The Republic develops Victory-class Star Destroyers as capital ships in the final years of the Clone Wars, and the Emperor expands the fleet with new Imperial-class Star Destroyers, employed to crush and subdue worlds. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

The Empire rules the galaxy!
With the Imperial Star Destroyer, no one escapes the clutches of the Empire! This incredible vehicle opens up to reveal all the details of the Empire's most famous starship. Lower Darth Vader's mask in his meditation chamber, kneel before the Emperor's hologram, fire the turbo laser cannons, direct the battle from the command bridge with Grand Moff Tarkin, and release the escape pod for emergency evacuations!

  • Includes Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Officer, two Stormtroopers, two Emperor's Royal Guards, Imperial Astromech Droid, and Mouse Droid minifigures!
  • Top lifts off and sides swing open to reveal all of the inner workings of the ship!
  • Imperial Star Destroyer measures over 23" (58cm) long!

Minifigures Included[]




  • This is the first set to include a MSE-6 Droid and Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • The Star Destroyer is not actually scaled appropriately given the size of the minifigures.
  • Excluding the Imperial Officer, every minifigure included in this set is also included in 10188 Death Star.
  • The Star Destroyer and minifigures on the box cover were embossed to give a raised texture feeling of the studs and figures.

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