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6216 Jawblade is a Hero Factory set released in January 2012. This set contains 45 pieces.


Jawblade has a unique build among the Hero Factory sets. He is mostly made from black, silver and red pieces, with a few transparent orange pieces in the set. He has a tail made from 2 BIONICLE wing pieces, which connect onto two limb pieces, which, in turn, connect to the body. Two fins, the same pieces as Furno’s hawk wings, are affixed to the leg-joint parts on the body, which in the movie help Jawblade move on land. A transparent orange armour piece goes on the top of his body, with a silver armour add-on above it. Jawblade has a large lower jaw, also used as BIONICLE feet, that moves with two small fins, the same pieces as the tail. His arms are made of the regular upper-arm joints, with two neck-extensions for forearms. He has black hands with silver and red weapons, which are the same pieces as Furno’s 1.0 weapons. His head is smaller than his lower jaw, and is a new piece for this set. It connects to a transparent orange ‘head’, which is actually one of the old hand-type pieces. The set includes five red spikes in various places.


Jawblade, along with many other villains, escaped from the villain storage level of Hero Factory as a result of Voltix’s plan in concordance with Von Nebula and Black Phantom. He traveled to the water planet of Scylla to find a fast-acting rusting agent called Oxidium. Furno chased him there and caught him after being rusted by some Oxidium that Jawblade found. Furno overcame its effects by recharging his core.

Bio This is a description taken from The Hero Factory website. Do not modify it.

Swift as a shark, Jawblade is far more at home underwater than on land. He can waddle around on land but it looks humorous, and he’s always been sensitive about that, which doesn’t help his temper. Now that he’s escaped from Hero Factory’s villain containment facility, he’s headed straight for Scylla, a water planet that has a fast-acting rusting agent called Oxidium. Jawblade hopes to collect enough Oxidium to instantly rust any Hero who comes close within swimming distance of him, but Furno isn’t quite so easy to elude, even under water!


  • In the bio from the Hero Factory website, the writer used the planet name Z'chaya, which is Toxic Reapa's home planet, instead of the correct planet, Scylla.
  • Jawblade is voiced by Steve Wilcox.
  • In the Brain Attack episode, there is a “Jaws” style poster reading “Jawblade” and has a picture of Jawblade in a “Jaws” (the movie) position. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Swim rings around the heroes with JAWBLADE and his magma blades!

Warning! JAWBLADE has broken out of the Hero Factory and has escaped to water planet Scylla. With crushing jaws, razor fins and magma blades, he’s really in his element. You can cuff him and return that overgrown tadpole to the Hero Factory! Good luck!

  • Features power jaw, razor fins and magma blades!
  • Highly flexible and poseable design!
  • Operate the crushing jaws!
  • Includes unique code worth 200 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game!
  • Battle with hero 6293 FURNO!
  • Combine with 6293 FURNO for an even bigger model!
  • Over 11” (30cm) long!



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