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6232 Skeleton Crew, also known as 6232 Brigand’s Lair in the UK,[1] is a Pirates set released in 1996. The set contains 27 pieces, including minifigures of a pirate and a skeleton with a conquistador helmet.


The build is set in a coastal area; it consists of ten grey bricks, topped with a palm leaf, consolidated on a tan six-by-eye plate that is also holding a barrel. The barrel can fit the four gold coins included with the set.


The human minifigure is a lone pirate with a black moustache, a red bandanna, a white tunic, and blue pantaloons. He holds a cutlass and a brown flintock pistol. The other minifigure is a classic skeleton wearing a black morion, suggesting a possible Imperial Armada origin. It is implied that he has been reanimated and is now guarding the coins in this set.


  • Despite its name, the set only comes with one skeleton.


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