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6241 Loot Island is a 2009 Pirates set containing a small island owned by the Pirates and a row-boat for an Imperial Guard, which has a pull-back cannon attached to it. A crocodile is also included. The minifigures are one Pirate, Hank the Castaway, and one Imperial Guard. This set was featured on the back of a LEGO filming set, as an example of what to film. It is contained in K6243 Big Pirates Collection. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

There’s plunder a-plenty on Loot Island!

When the pirate followed his treasure map to this tropical island, he didn’t expect to find a shipwrecked castaway guarding the secret cave…or a soldier with a launching cannon hot on his heels! Who will get to keep the treasure of Loot Island? Fire the catapult, but look out—it’s not treasure that the hungry crocodile is after!

  • Role play looking for the hidden treasure in the skull cave, use the treasure map or fire the cannon and catapult!
  • Includes pirate, castaway, soldier, crocodile and other treasure island accessories!
  • Island measures 6" (15cm) long and 5" (12cm) tall!


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