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6242 Soldiers' Fort is a 2009 Pirates set that includes Captain Brickbeard, a Pirate, a Crocodile, Governor Tierney, a Fish, a monkey and three Soldier minifigures.


  • In the prison building there are scratched tally charts and spider web decals.
  • The back of the prison wall can be removed.
  • The cannon includes a ram-rod, like most cannons in the other Pirates 2009 sets.
  • The palm tree on the bridge can be removed to feature a secret compartment where jewels can be stored.
  • The right-angled wall piece has a lean-to with a ransom poster for Captain Brickbeard.
  • The crane tower has a barrel of rum with a tap.
  • The Fort splits into 3 seperate sections, so you can rearrange the fort how you like.
  • If you own multiples of this set, you can combine them to make a bigger fort. This is possible because there are hidden 1x1 bricks with a holes in them at the bottom of each of the 3 sections that connect to make the fort.
  • This set strongly resembles 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up, released in 1991. Both sets include a pirate captain on a small rowboat, as well as an imperial fort area with a small jail cell, cannon, large flag, and palm tree. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Escape the fort and steal the gold!

They say no pirate has ever escaped from the soldiers’ fortress prison, but if he can get the key away from the monkey guard, this one plans to try! Is the pirate captain coming to lend a hand, or is he just after the treasure chest? If the soldiers catch him, he won’t get away with either!

  • Crank the winch to hook the treasure chest, fire the pull-action cannon, or play inside the stockade!
  • Includes 2 pirates, 4 soldiers, row boat, fish, monkey and crocodile!
  • Fortress measures 12" (30 cm) long and 7" (17cm) high!


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